Circular Alteration

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In the video Circular Alteration from 1997 scientists are testing lumps of dough for signs of life in a futuristic laboratory. One dough is isolated in a special chamber when things get surreal.

Production team:
Idea & script: Søren Dahlgaard.
Directors: Kevin Bendix & Søren Dahlgaard.
Cinematographer: Kevin Bendix & Søren Dahlgaard.
Still photographer: Søren Dahlgaard.
Producers: Kevin Bendix & Søren Dahlgaard.
Editor: Kevin Bendix, Søren Dahlgaard & Jonas Bjerre.
Colour grading & postproduction: Jonas Bjerre.
Actors: Mikkel Bender, Frederik Ammitzbøll, Søren Dahlgaard, Niles Damsgaard, Christine Cato, Henrik Menné & Jacob Aisen.
Set design: Søren Dahlgaard.