Breathing painting

Breathing painting measuring 100x100x10cm.
Edition of 3.
Larger version measuring 240x240x20cm.

Materials: PVC canvas, wood, fan, electrical system.

The Breathing painting from 2010 is developed from the much larger Breathing Room installation from 2008. By hanging a wall section from the Breathing Room on a larger wall the breathing wall became a breathing painting. The Breathing Room transform and challenge ideas about the white cube exhibition space where the Breathing painting shows us a new way a painting can be without using any paint.
The Breathing painting clearly relates to painting not only in its title but also as it is installed on the wall much in the same way most paintings are.

The Breathing painting presents the surprising idea that it is alive by breathing – the canvas moves in and out in a convex and concave shape. Perhaps because so many other paintings are dead objects (static and dust collecting), in how they are repetitions of the same old ideas and ways of doing something. The Breathing painting is clearly not what you expect when encountering something that looks like a monochrome painting. This ‘painting’ is monochrome in a new way, one might say the monotonous mechanical breathing suggests a new kind of time-based monochrome.