Collection in Action – Skovgaard Museet Viborg

Søren Dahlgaard – Collection in Action, Skovgaard Museet, Viborg, Denmark, 2023.

Artist and Ph.D. Søren Dahlgaard (b. 1973) engages in a dialogue with the Skovgaard Museum’s art collection.

When the museum’s collection meets Dahlgaard’s artworks, new stories emerge and opinions that connect past and present – ​​like old playmates who meet again after many years of separation. The historical art from the collection is part of new dialogues with contemporary art: about the cosy and uncanny, power and powerlessness, the nationalist and our view of the landscape and nature.

The Golden Age painting has inspired Søren Dahlgaard to rethink how one traditionally paints landscapes and portraits. Dahlgaard uses play and participation as central elements in creating the artwork. In the exhibition, you can experience this process in the works by participating in The Garden Gnome painting and various workshops during the exhibition period.

With COLLECTION IN ACTION, we hope to challenge, surprise and give our guests a new view of our art collection and communication that we can integrate into a future Skovgaard Museum in Viborg’s Cathedral Quarter.

A catalogue will be published on the occasion of the exhibition.

COLLECTION IN ACTION is realised in collaboration with Bikubenfonden and with support from The Danish Arts Council.

In this video, artist Søren Dahlgaard and museum director and curator Christian Kortegaard Madsen present the exhibition Collection in Action, which was shown from the 16th of September 2023 to the 14th of January 2024 at Skovgaard Museet, Viborg, Denmark.

The conversation is in Danish.