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Head Scapes

The Head Scapes photo series is a collaborative work by Michael Droob, Mikkel Tjellesen and Søren Dahlgaard from 1996. Michael arranged the miniature landscapes on Sørens head while Mikkel photographed. Each head landscape took around ten hours to arrange, clue, light and photograph in the studio.

The photographs were exhibited at Krasnapolsky Cafe Copenhagen and Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art Copenhagen in 1997 and the Victorian & Albert Museum London in 1999.

They were featured on the cover of two national newspapers in Denmark, Information and Aktuelt, in 1997. Each image was published on 100.000 free postcards available in cafes throughout Denmark in 1997.

There are six images in the series.
They measure 120 x 150 cm.
Edition of 6 + 3 AP.