Hedge Paintings

White Monochrome Hedge, 2009.

The Hedge Paintings is an ongoing series of paintings (2009-2023) where a plastic hedge is the canvas.

In Denmark, a common way of living is in a house surrounded by a hedge. A hedge represents both the good, quiet life behind the hedge in suburbia and, at the same time, for some people, frustration and lack of freedom. In Danish, privet-fascism is a well-known term referring to the most common hedge plant, the privet, and is a critique of the often conservative and petty-bourgeois values life behind the privet hedge represents.

The Monochrome Hedge paintings connect two major directions in painting, the monochrome and landscape painting. Both ways of painting have a long history with very different ideas about painting.

The Monochrome Hedge paintings have a direct connection to Yves Klein’s and Piero Manzoni’s monochrome paintings from the late 1950s – 1960s and aim to add new perspectives to both what a monochrome and a landscape painting can be.