The Human Cannonball Painting

The Human Cannonball Painting Technique is the first-ever painting created with a human cannonball being the paintbrush of the artist.

The Human Cannonball painting consists of five shots performed on the 27th and 28th of August 2021 at HEART – Museum for Contemporary Art, Herning, Denmark.

Conceptual artist and director: Søren Dahlgaard.
The Human Cannonball: Svyatoslav Gabuda.
Still photography: Mikkel Tjellesen.
Phantom camera operators: Tobias Horvath & Gustav Melling.
Assistant photographers and assisting with putting paint on the human cannonball: Betty and Ella Tjellesen.
Cleaning the cannon of paint after the show: Thanks to friends and family.
Production supported by HEART – Museum for Contemporary Art and The Danish Arts Council.