Inflatable Island

The Maldives Exodus Caravan Show – Venice Biennale and touring

Gnome Painting

Dough portraits in 14 countries

Mobile Hedges in Brazil & Denmark

Growing Vegetables On a Coral Island Maldives

Music for Vegetables

Sun Fry

The Breathing Room at Singapore Biennale

The News Stand MoMA PS1

Digesting the news MoMA PS1

The KABOOM! Process

Breathing painting

Landscape painting at Louisiana Museum of Modern Art Denmark

Portrait paintings

Monochrome hedge

Fat Wall

Dough Warrior painting in his studio

The Bread Hut

Challenging Dough

12-second sculpture

3-hour sculpture

The Mobile Island

Walking Island

Slide painting

Obstruction painting

Wall Riding

Elliptic Touchdown

Circular Alteration

House Slamming

Dirty Dessert

Stuffed Animals

Installation views